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Thermochromic table by Jay Watson

imagine banging someone on that table

imagine being home alone and seeing imprints on that table

noooooo stop

Imagine having a friend sit at that table for a long while, but when they get up there’s no imprints at all.

What if you got up after trying to console a crying friend, and found that you had no imprints… and they were crying because they missed you?

aaaah it was a cool table now it’s a horror/drama story

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"House Allyrion - No Foe May Pass
House Ambrose - Never Resting
House Arryn - As High as Honor
House Ashford - Our Sun Shines Bright
House Baratheon - Ours is the Fury
House Beesbury - Beware Our Sting
House Bolton - Our Blades Are Sharp
House Buckwell - Pride and Purpose
House Bulwer - Death Before Disgrace
House Caron - No Song So Sweet
House Cerwyn - Honed and Ready
House Codd - Though All Men Do Despise Us
House Crakehall - None so Fierce
House Flint of Widow’s Watch - Ever Vigilant
House Follard - None so Wise
House Footly - Tread Lightly Here
House Fossoway of Cider Hall - A Taste of Glory
House Fowler - Let Me Soar
House Graceford - Work Her Will
House Grandison - Rouse Me Not
House Greyjoy - We Do Not Sow
House Hastwyck - None So Dutiful
House Hightower - We Light the Way
House Hornwood - Righteous in Wrath
House Jordayne - Let It Be Written
House Karstark - The Sun of Winter
House Lannister - Hear Me Roar! / A Lannister always pays his debts.
House Lonmouth - The Choice Is Yours
House Marbrand - Burning Bright
House Martell - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
House Mormont - Here We Stand
House Mallister - Above the Rest
House Merryweather - Behold Our Bounty
House Mooton - Wisdom and Strength
House Oakheart - Our Roots Go Deep
House Peckledon - Unflinching
House Penrose - Set Down Our Deeds
House Piper - Brave and Beautiful
House Plumm - Come Try Me
House Royce - We Remember
House Sarsfield - True to the Mark
House Serrett - I Have No Rival
House Smallwood - From These Beginnings
House Stark - Winter is Coming
House Stokeworth - Proud to Be Faithful
House Swygert - Truth Conquers
House Swyft - Awake! Awake!
House Tallhart - Proud and Free
House Targaryen - Fire and Blood
House Tarly - First in Battle
House Toyne - Fly High, Fly Far
House Trant - So End Our Foes
House Tully - Family, Duty, Honor
House Tyrell - Growing Strong
House Velaryon - The Old, the True, the Brave
House Waxley - Light in Darkness
House Wendwater - For All Seasons
House Wensington - Sound the Charge
House Westerling - Honor, not Honors
House Wode - Touch Me Not
House Wydman - Right Conquers Might
House Yronwood - We Guard the Way"

George R. R. Martin, “List of House Words" from A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones, 1991-Present (via nickkahler)

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i was not prepared for this

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Tumawag si Lola sa bahay kanina.

*ring ring ring*

AKO: Hello?

LOLA: Hello! Sino to?

A: Si Jara po.

L: Ah, Jara! Ano nga ba.. Bat pa ko tumawag… 

A: ………….?

L: (yelling on the background) Hoy! Bat nga ba ko tumawag dito!

*indistinct voices*

L: Ayun, meron ba dyang blahblahblah.. Nasan tito Denny mo?

A: Wala po e, umalis.

L: Osige.

-hay lola tumatanda ka na po hahahaha

8/30 of Alex yells at you for being pefECT.- [x]

8/30 of Alex yells at you for being pefECT.- [x]

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“We didn’t want to do Friends; we didn’t want to do Ross and Rachel and ‘Will they or won’t they’ for ten years. We wanted to do an interesting friendship where they’re kind of in love but for some reason it’s just not in the stars for them.”




Good Vibes HERE


Good Vibes HERE

Happy 18th birthday to the girl who always stays by my side and never left in times I needed a friend! ❤️🎊🎉 😀 Jusko 3years ko pa makikita yang pagmumuka mo gerl grabe naman. Love you xx

Happy 18th birthday to the girl who always stays by my side and never left in times I needed a friend! ❤️🎊🎉 😀 Jusko 3years ko pa makikita yang pagmumuka mo gerl grabe naman. Love you xx

"I fell in love with him. But I don’t just stay with him by default as if there’s no one else available to me. I stay with him because I choose to, everyday that I wake up, everyday that we fight or lie to each other or disappoint each other. I choose him over and over again, and he chooses me."

Beatrice “Tris” Prior (via sultri)


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Good Vibes HERE

"One day, whether you
are 14,
or 65

you will stumble upon
someone who will start
a fire in you that cannot die.

However, the saddest,
most awful truth
you will ever come to find––

is they are not always
with whom we spend our lives."

~ Beau Taplin, "The Awful Truth" {Hunting Season } (via conflictingheart)

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"My parents warned me about the drugs in the streets but never the ones with hazel eyes and a heartbeat."

For him" series #2 (via unpoeticheartbreak)

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